Amir Tataloo | امیر تتلو

Amir Tataloo امیر تتلو

Amir Tataloo امیر تتلو

Amir Tataloo امیر تتلو.

 Amir Tataloo امیر تتلو

Amirhossein Maghsoudloo (Persian: امیرحسین مقصودلو‎), better known by his stage name Amir Tataloo (Persian: امیر تتلو‎), is an Iranian singer and songwriter.

Amir Hossein Maghsudlou

Name: Amir Hossein

Family name: Maghsoud Lu

Nickname: Tetloo (Designed for you and want to choose a single title that only you in the world is one)

Date of birth: 1362/6/30

Amir Maghsoud Lou was born in Tehran in the year 1362 and has been renowned for his rap since the year 2000 (before he was 2 years old pope). In 2001 he traveled to Dubai and became acquainted with Shahrokh style. He got to the full face and afterwards he entered Iran and started to read it with the great rapper at that time, the mournful and progressive, the devil and the blade, and ……

In the early to late 2004, Amir worked in the style of ANB on the cover and could not fully grow in this style until Amir and Hossein Takni formed the TNT group and worked hard with the song of Mohsen Give out honest

It is worth mentioning that Amir is the one who went to the top and bottom line of the first rapper Fars movie and took a big step forward in rap rap

Amr Tataloo was released because of the turbulence that Hussein found in the TNT group, and each of them continued to do their work, as if they were new and after the clip, but there was no other TNT group.

Amir Tataloo is known by the ANA style, but Amir has also read 3 or 4 cracks in rap.

Amir Tataloo, who had a close relationship with Soroush and Reza Pouri, also refused to join the consonant with them and did not have any friendly relationship with him now.

When Tataloo was in Iran, he lived in Sa’adat Abad, but he went to Dubai from early 1989.

Coming soon to rap, but she does not say who. Emir, 6 months old, has been working under the supervision of Shahrokh Salar Sulphage. Composer and regulator and professor Mohsen Sadeghi. You’re recording a peak in the studio. Of the rapper, he merely likes the leading work, blade, nap, pounding, Ardalan and misery.
Ardalan, of course, is the rapper himself, making himself fit and coming soon. The meaning of Tattloo is also related to himself.
There is a rumor saying Amir Tataloo has a job. It is believed that it is all about rumors that these photos were taken at any place taken by fans. The only job of the emir of the building, which is with his son-in-law, the engineer of Sharikan